38 rowing teams at home and abroad, the Songshan Lake Charity Masters

On March 26th, the Songshan Lake Deep Submarine Rowing Base jointly built by Zhongtian and Vanke officially held the launching ceremony of the Deep Submarine Rowing Club at Yinfeng Yiju Hotel. Then, the Songshan Lake Rowing Charity Masters kicked off, and 38 rowing teams from home and abroad competed in Songshan Lake. Mr. Wang Shi, Chairman of the Asian Rowing Federation and Chairman of the Board of Vanke Group, attended the ceremony and led the team.

1, the base starts

Science and Technology Fan - Wang Shi on the scene

The guests at the launching ceremony of the deep submarine rowing base were Li Quanhai, director of the Water Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, Chen Jinsong, chairman of World Union Real Estate, Xu Shaochun, founder of Kingdee International Software Group, and Qian Xiaohua, president of Alashan Ecological Association. The crowds on the scene were crowded and the voices were loud, and the teams screamed the slogan from time to time.

When the company’s big coffee arrives, the technology is naturally not too small. Under the guidance of the host, Wang Shi and Vanke intelligent robots easily talked, which led to laughter on the spot.

The Deep Dive Rowing Club is the carrier of the "Deep Dive Entrepreneur Deep Dive Training Camp" initiated by Wang Shi. Wang Shi said frankly that by venting, letting go and withdrawing, returning to the status of students to quietly think about their own life and the road ahead is the significance of carrying out this cause.

Wang Shi said that it is the beautiful scenery of Songshan Lake and the support and help of the local government and partner Zhongtian Group for rowing. It finally led to the important carrier of the deep diving rowing club to settle in the hotel, helping more people to have opportunities. To understand the spirit of it.

2, to help the public welfare

Zhongtian first donated funds to protect Songshan Lake

Public welfare is another major theme of the day's activities. The Shenzhen Mangrove Wetland Protection Foundation (MCF), initiated by Mr. Wang Shi and serving as the first chairman, also held an entrepreneurial movement and public welfare forum before the launching ceremony.

At the launching ceremony, the Mangrove Wetland Protection Foundation officially established the Songshan Lake Water Ecological Protection Fund. As the sponsor and participating unit of the fund, Zhongtian Group was the first batch of donation of environmental protection undertakings by Mr. Zhang Junfan.

After the donation ceremony, the drones produced by an electric aviation (AEE) sent a start-up flag, and the Songshan Lake Rowing Charity Masters was officially launched.

3, hundreds of battles

38 rowing teams competitive Songshan Lake

On the vast waters of Songshan Lake, 38 rowing teams from all over the world set off from the Yiju Hotel for health, public welfare and environmental protection, forming a lively scene of hundreds of battles. The atmosphere at the scene was active, and Mr. Wang Shi also led the “parent soldiers” to compete in the water.

The Zhongtian Group rowing team, which is composed of Zhang Yukai, the president of Zhongtian Group, and other employees, is also involved in the sports and public welfare.

The waves are stalking, and success or failure are heroes. The results of the competition statistics, the teams have a good performance. The performance of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Mavericks Capital and Vanke teams in the competition is remarkable. The Guangdong Zhongtian Group rowing team also achieved good results in the top six. Mr. Ouyang Feng, Vice President of Zhongtian Group, presented the award to the winning team.

Sports, public welfare, collaboration, and the competitive spirit of rowing are just like the entrepreneurial spirit advocated by Zhongtian Group – gathering wisdom, innovation, and gratitude。

Introduction to rowing:

Rowing is an old and elegant collective project that is loved by men, women and children in the world.

The world's famous universities, such as Cambridge, Oxford, United States, Yale, Harvard University, Melbourne, Australia, Sydney University, Japan's Waseda, Keio University, China's Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Jiaotong University, have rowing team.

Rowing is also a pollution-free environmental movement and is good for water quality, so it is welcomed by environmental organizations.
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